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About my ‘Boob Job’

I had my boob job in November 2008, aged 18 and am now a size 34E / 34F. Before my breast augmentation I’d never met anyone with fake boobs and had a lot of questions with no real idea of where to find the answers. Since having the procedure, three of my best friends have also had boob jobs, then I started working at Hooters and probably half of the staff had fake boobs. I am constantly asked questions about my boob job so I am making this blog for anyone who is interested.


Before my breast augmentation I was a size 34A and I absolutely hated having no boobs. I’ve always thought that huge boobs look great and grew up idolising Pamela Anderson, Melinda Messenger and other glamour models. I knew from about the age of 9 or 10 that if I never got big boobs naturally I would have a boob job. A large majority of girls that have very small boobs want bigger ones but never do anything about it. I wasn’t prepared to spend my life wanting something and not having it. I always do everything that I want to do.

Consultation, Surgeon & Location

I had my initial consultation at Transform Nottingham, then went back shortly after to meet with my surgeon, Mr Mounir, and booked my operation for the following week in Manchester. I didn’t really put much thought into my choice of hospital/ surgeon; I just wanted to get it done and went with the first company that came to mind. I know girls that researched for months and have paid more for “the best”, but they don’t really look much different to mine. I also had a friend who went to Budapest and paid half of what I paid, and again, they look fine. 

The Implant

460cc round, textured, silicone implant.

Positioning & Incision

The incisions were made below my breasts and the implants were placed above the muscle.

The Price

£3,995. How did I afford them? The bank of dad I’m afraid to say :/ 

Pain, Scars & Recovery

Well, it hurt a bit, but you have to expect that when someone slices you open, sticks two footballs inside you and sews you back up again. It was more uncomfortable than painful. It didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as I was expecting. The cuts stung a bit and everything was very tight. It felt like someone was constantly pressing two rocks to my chest, but that’s what you get from going up 6 or 7 sizes in 40minutes.

I had to sleep sitting up, in a sports bra for I think about 2 weeks. First thing in the morning was the worst time for pain.

Washing is difficult as you can’t lift your hands above your head or let water touch the bandages, so for this period of recovery the assistance of a friend would be appreciated. 

The sports bras are not sexy and give no push-up whatsoever, so don’t expect a “wow they’re huge!” reaction off of your friends for the first few weeks.

I was able to go out for a meal after four days and I went clubbing after just two weeks.

Before & After pictures

Below: Me before, a photo shoot aged 17.


Below: 1 day post-op


UPDATED POST - Below: 4 years, 4 months post-op (March 2013)

Q & A

Q, Do the implants need replacing after 10 years?

A, I was told by Transform that they have been open over 25 years and women are still satisfied with their initial implants. I don’t know a lot more than that. 

Q, Do they feel real?

A, Yes, very real, just slightly firmer than natural breasts.

Q, When do they start to look and feel nice/ realistic?

A, For me it was about 8 months.

Q, Do you get a lot of attention?

A, Yes, good and bad.

Q, Are you satisfied with them?

A, Mostly. I’m happy with the size.

Q, How can I pay for them?

A, Cosmetic surgery companies often have finance schemes like 0% inresest for a certain amount of years with monthly payment options

Q, Can you still breast feed after a boob job?

A, Yes.

Q, Where can I talk to more people that have had breast augmentation?

A, I found this website when I was looking into rhinoplasty. It has forums, blogs, pictures… Seems pretty cool;  http://lookyourbestuk.com/

Q, Will you send me topless pictures?

A, No.

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