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Well I’m sure you’ve all seen the news about the problems that thousands of women are having with PIP implants, high rupture rates, cancer risks and no option of free replacement.

So obviously I was worried. 

I dug out the medical records that I was given on the day of my operation (Nov 2008) and it said “Implant type: MHP”

Apparently this stands for ‘Moderate High Profile’. Mine would have been MHP-460; 460g, 12.3cm diameter, 5.9cm projection.

[More information about MHP implants here]

I called Transform (who by the way I am not recommending to other girls for various reasons) and I was told that MHP means that I definitely didn’t have PIP and they’re completely different implants. 

I was relieved. I know some girls that have had PIP but luckily none of my best friends have. 

So I started researching MHP implants and I’ve read conflicting things online about the implant quality:

I’m due to have my BA in 11 days time and am having Allergan CUI MHP…. Apparently these are cheap implants like PIP’s, has any of you’s had these?? Have you had any problems?? I’m a tad worried as watched a program on TV last night n Transform in Manchester was onit!!! Im jyst thinking shall i stick to what l’m hav or pay for more expensive ones???? I dont want to end up like these poor girls in 2-5yrs time saying similar thing about Allergan ones!!!!!" (forums.sofeminine.co.uk)


Implant manufacturer?: Allergan CUI MHP (Mr Adamo stopped using PIP implants a long time ago due to the early rupture rate, in 5 years he hasn’t seen an Allergan impant rupture yet)." (mya.co.uk)

I really don’t know what to think, but either way there is not a lot I can do about it now anyway. Let me know if you’ve had MHP implants too or know anything about them.

Legal position for women with PIP implants.

I’m not going to say that I know the exact legal position here, but being a woman with breast implants and a woman with a Law Degree, some of you might be interested in what I have to say about this situation. 

Well of course, the manufacturer has been prosecuted;

(Attractive, yes?)

But this Justice is really nothing without compensation when PIP implants could mean a matter of life or death for some women.

The manufacturers were a French company using industrial silicone normally used in computer parts and mattresses, rather than using medical silicone. It is thought that the manufacturer saved £840million per year by using this cheap substitute.

It’s estimated that 300,000 women world wide had the faulty implants, including 40,000 in the UK that all ideally need their implants replacing. More and more companies are saying that they will cover the costs of PIP implant removal but not replacement which would cost women about £1,500.

Theoretically, there would be a claim for compensation. If there was just one woman in the UK with PIP implants she could sue the manufacturer, then, the company (or their insurance) would have to compensate her (‘damages’). But multiply this one woman by 300,000 and there becomes a problem. One company does not have sufficient funds to compensate that many women and of course will go bust.

So although legally these women are entitled to compensation, there is no source for the money to come from.

The Cosmetic Surgery companies are claiming no responsibility as they were supposedly unaware of the low quality of the impants (although surely low cost and high rupture rates should have indicated this.)

So what are women to do?

I’ve looked online and these solicitors are currently investigating the possibility of compensation for PIP cases, you can register your interest and they’re operating on a no-win-no-fee basis:

Attwood Solicitors

Ashworth Law

Feel free to message me about anything related to the issues disscussed above. 

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Charlotte Elizabeth.

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