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Hi Tumblr I miss you </3
Hey Charlotte, do you have two youtube channels? One name is Beautii Charlotte and the other one is Charlotte Elizabeth...

The Beautii Charlotte YouTube channel is FAKE, using my photos, stealing my employer’s videos and posting abusive comments on other videos. 

I have reported it, as has my employer (Bondara)

I love this film - my favourite scene 

Hey Charlotte, I'm unsure if you'll remember me but I did a weekend TEFL course with you and Sam a while back. Saw you in the papers not long ago and wanted to say that it was awesome to see how we'll you had done. Did you ever finish the course for the TEFL qualification and did you use it if you did finish? I'm currently in Sweden, I've been here just over a month, but I spent 18 months in Russia before that. Anyway, glad to see you're doing so well. Chris. xx

Hi Chris, yeah I finished it but I haven’t used it yet. I think I still have you on Skype. Say ‘hi’ sometime :)

Do you support gay marriage?

As much as straight marriage.

I personally don’t see the point in any kind of marriage in this modern age, but people should do what the fuck makes them happy.

hey honey, I dont know if you'll see my message but if you do I want to ask you a question, I suffer from depression and body dysmophia and really want a boob job in a year - when im 18, everytime I tell my mum she just laughs it off and says I need to grow up, it upsets me she cant see my point of view. I dont want it for male attention or to become a model, I'm doing it for me. Do you have any advice on persueding her? Youre flawless lots of love xxx

If you can afford it yourself, do it anyway… that’s my opinion but I’m very selfish :P

I love you, I miss you and I love your tits. This is all. sweetie pie.

I miss your everything sexpot 

Messy hair ;)
Reblog this photo if you like blondes &amp; boobs ♥

Messy hair ;)

Reblog this photo if you like blondes & boobs ♥

Welcome to my new apartment.
Reblog if you like blondes &amp; boobs &lt;3

Welcome to my new apartment.

Reblog if you like blondes & boobs <3

Slutty photos for no reason&#8230; 

Slutty photos for no reason… 

Curls &lt;3

Curls <3

How do you feel about people who believe in God or a higher power? What do you think about them and their religious beliefs?

I understand. It’s hard for any one person to ‘have the answer’ when there is no answer. I personally do not believe in a God, but I have seen a few things so beautiful in my life that I felt like I was being crushed… When what you’re seeing is so big, and so spectacular, and a complete work of nature, you feel so small and insignificant.

Do u folow Ashely purdy

Yeah, he’s a cool guy